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Yoga for the soul

Context: Yoga promotes mindfulness and movement. Being quarantined at home means many of us have been sitting for extended periods of time. Practicing yoga is a great way to release tension and take time to clear your mind.


Goals: Age Group: All Ages

  • Stress Relief

Supplies: Time: 20 minutes

  • Yourself

  • An open space

  • Blanket

  • Yoga mat (optional)


Instructions: Take note of how your body feels before beginning the yoga session. Then, watch the following video for guided instruction and take some time to reflect afterwards

Modifications: Take your yoga practice outside to get some fresh air. Play meditation music softly in the background to avoid noise distractions. Meditation music might be any music that is calming and does not steal your attention. Classical music and jazz often work well. Encourage others to join you if doing so won’t cause a distraction.


Debrief/Talking Points

  • Have you tried yoga before? Was it easier or harder than you expected?

  • How did you feel before you began your yoga session?

  • How do you feel now?

  • If you followed the guide with another person, did you work together to try the poses?

  • In the future, do you see yourself taking time to practice a few yoga poses?

  • How can you integrate yoga into your daily routine?

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