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YES Summer Program: Air & Water Curriculum

Context: For many in Detroit, access to clean air and water is a daily struggle. This lack of access exacerbates the effects of COVID-19 by limiting hygiene and further damaging residents’ respiratory systems. A team of 5 students investigated these issues and potential solutions and compiled their research and recommendations in a booklet that was distributed to Detroit residents through Detroit Future City’s Land and Water Works program. The booklet included tips for saving water in your home, resources to get your water service restored and a deep dive on plants that improve indoor air quality.



  • Consider the roles air and water play in keeping Detroiters healthy

  • Learn about Green Stormwater Infrastructure and house plants that clean your air 



The following booklet walks through what to do if your water is shutoff during the COVID-19 pandemic, ways students can get involved with local organizing efforts, how to conserve water, Green Stormwater Infrastructure examples, and house plants that clean your air.

Air and Water Booklet
Download • 4.80MB

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