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The Safety of Tap Water in the Pandemic


Nothing on our planet can survive without water. It covers 70% of Earth’s surface and accounts for 60% of what’s in our bodies. Water is everywhere, which is a good thing, because without it life as we know it would not be possible! That being said, not all water is equal: some people have more access to water and its benefits than others do, and some sources of drinking water have more serious and harmful consequences for our communities than others. The human responses to the coronavirus pandemic provide an relevant case study on the importance of water to us all and the effects different sources of drinking water can have.


Goals: Grade Level: 7-12

  • Better understand what motivated people to buy large amounts of bottle water during the pandemic

  • Develop a way to demonstrate to our community the most appropriate actions to take regarding buying bottled water during the pandemic

  • Critically think about how we can educate the public about where plastic bottles end up.

Supplies: Time: 30 min 

  • Internet access

  • Pen and paper for notes (optional)



  1. Look at the first video and write down if you think the people in it are informed or fearful (or both).    length 5:46 

  2. Go through your house and count how many bottles of water you have. 

  3. Do you think you have just enough, or more than is necessary per person for the amount of water your household needs to survive?

  4. Watch the following videos to learn about the safety of drinking and using tap water during the pandemic and to help guide you through responses to the reflection questions below.

Fact or Fear

Can you catch the virus from drinking water?

Great Pacific Garbage Patch Ocean pollution 

(Plastic water bottles last home)


Debrief/Talking Points 

  • What has driven people to horde water - facts or fears (or both)?

  • What happens to all the plastic water bottles?

  • How can you get the word out to your Community if they should buy as much water as they can or should buy only what they need? 

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