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Ted Talk Compare and Contrast

Context: Climate change is a signature issue of our generation and threatens human life on earth more than anything else has in human history. Additionally, the impacts of climate change are and will continue to be felt most directly by communities of color and people experiencing poverty. The coronavirus pandemic, while not directly related to climate change, demonstrates how our communities might respond to such an event, as both threaten human health and call our communal and economic practices into serious question. Therefore, this time is an especially appropriate one to learn about climate change and its impacts.

Below are two Ted Talks which focus on those impacts and provide potential solutions to this global issue. There are guiding questions provided.


Goals: Age Group: grades 9-12

  • Critical thinking about the impacts of climate change

  • Making connections from a global issue to your own personal experience

Supplies: Time: 30- 45 min

  • Laptop/phone for meeting

  • Pencil and a sheet of paper

  • Access to internet




Reflection Questions:

  • What evidence do we have to say that climate change is real?

  • How has climate change affected the world so far?

  • What is climate justice?

  • What can you do to help address climate justice?

  • What are some challenges we can face trying to be carbon neutral by 2050?

  • What are some solutions to climate change?

  • Why is it important to talk about climate change?

  • What are some reasons people don’t believe in climate change?

  • What is the problem?


Debrief/Talking Points

  • How does this activity relate or connect with your present or future?

activity created by Jayme Ham

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