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Be Kind Activity! (Pandemic Edition)

Context: The purpose of the “Be Kind Activity” is a tool to connect our mental health to our physical well being. Tapping into our mental space while revealing how we spent our time during this quarantine (pandemic) process.


Goals: Age Group: 6-18

  • Improve self-esteem

  • Experience new things

  • Develop positive social interaction skills

  • Learn to express themselves in acts of kindness

Supplies: Time: Short - 15 min Long - 1 week

  • Yourself

  • Open mind

  • Be kind board

  • Some sort of writing utensil



“Be Kind Activity” is based as a challenge to see how much you’ve done or can do in the course of a week during our time of social distancing. Very similar to a bingo game, but challenges the well being of us while completing kind acts.

Grids Found Here:

Be Kind Pandemic Edition
Download PDF • 50KB

Modifications: With a 4 by 4 grid the modified version would be a short 15 min bingo of a host calling out the boxes to see who can get the most the fastest. By random boxes being drawn and whoever of the students/players participating in the game completes a bingo pattern first, wins (a line with four numbers in a diagonal, horizontal, or vertical row).


Debrief/Talking Points:

  • - How did it make you feel when you completed some of the acts of kindness?

  • - Which activity was your favorite? Why?

  • - Did this inspire you to do other acts of kindness, not found in this activity?

  • - Do you see yourself continuing to do acts of kindness? What about when social distancing ends?

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