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This summer, 10 students will be selected to be in the YES Summer leadership Program and will have the opportunity to learn and apply leadership skills in an environmental and community-based framework. The program intentionally offers training and support to students in discovering their leadership style and how to effectively grow it.


This year (450 hours), paid service experience program includes:

  • a meaningful service experience at a nonprofit organization in the city of Detroit.

  • leadership training and development sessions via Youth Leadership trainers in the Detroit area.

  • site visits and field trips to select businesses, academic institutions and other industry locations.

  • informal social activities during Sustainable Youth Leadership Institute.

  • Place-based environmental educational conversations and projects.

  • An all expense paid trip to Washington, D.C.

Washington, DC Discovery Trip

In the Summer Leadership Institute, we want to model leadership at the highest levels. In order to understand what that truly means, we are proud to introduce our annual Washington, DC Discovery Trip. From July 10th through July 14th, the SLI will embark on a journey to our nation’s capital to see leadership on the national scale. This experience will be filled with personal growth and professional opportunity for students, who will develop relationships they can leverage for the rest of their lives.

A full schedule is attached, but overall, students will:

  • Visit the National Museum of African American History and Culture

  • See the sights of Washington, DC (White House, National Mall, monuments, and more!)

  • Discuss careers with sustainability and justice advocates at the Center for American Progress

  • Visit sustainability projects across the city and hear from leading blue-green infrastructure experts

  • Be mentored by and develop relationships with young minority professionals in the DC area

  • Have food, fun, and games (and a surprise pool party!?)

This trip and all experiences are free to every student in the Summer Leadership Institute!


Demonstrate and apply leadership skills both during and after the YES Summer Program

Facilitate full-student morning meeting sessions and daily debriefs

Present on the leadership experience to the full group at the end of the program





Eradajere Oleita

( Erada@youthenergysquad.org)

Makala Conner

( Makala@youthenergysquad.org)

Or reach us by phone by contacting 

Erada ( 313)-585-3664


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Deadline to Apply

 January 20th, 2020

Deadline to Confirm / Deny Internship 

 January 25th, 2020.



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